Are you going to the Other Partizan

Are you going to the Other Partizan? I sure am. The Partizan shows, as I’ve said before on several occasions, is one of my favourite shows of the UK circuit. It is not as hectic as Salute and yet has a solid list of traders and excellent looking games. I’ve rarely missed a Partizan show - only under exceptional circumstances. I first started going to the Partizan shows back at the turn of the Millenium, so I’ve been attending for roughtly fifteen years. Back then, I was a member of a group called the Mongrels (technically I still am a Mongrel with the nickname Minkey!). 

Steve Jones AWI

The Partizan show is uniquely positioned in the so called ‘lead belt’ near Nottingham at Newark’s Kelham Hall. The Notts area boasts several wargames companies. This tends to rub off at Partizan, so you’ll see several well known names from the hobby at the show. There are also several local clubs who come to Partizan to show off their games, including the show hosts themselves the Newark Irregulars, who always give an excellent display (such as the American War of Independence game by Steve Jones above). 

Spanish Civil War

Partizan is good because it’s a busy show, but not too busy. It’s a big show but, again, not so big that you can’t see everything comfortably in a few hours. I’ve never felt too rushed going around it, always having plenty of time to chat with people about wargaming in general and (of course) the magazine. The show itself is held twice a year, once in early June and again in the beginning of September.

Great War Game

All the pictures posted are from The Other Partizan 2014 to give readers a flavour. These are only a small selection of the great games which were The Other Partizan. I’d expect TOP 2015 to be just as spectacular. I’ll be there, camera in hand, ready to take pictures of the show. I’ll be posting these up live to our WSS Facebook page - I personally believe that ‘live’ reporting is better than a printed report in WSS, which will inevitably be several months late. 

Aggro Football Game

I’ll be there in my black WSS t-shirt. By all means please stop me if you see me, as I’m always keen to find out what readers think of the magazine. The comments from readers have helped make WSS the magazine it is today. See you there!

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