Bolt Action German Fallschirmjäger Boxed Set 28mm

FallschirmjägerAchtung! Bolt Action have released a boxed set for German Paras. They have revamped their ranges from packs of four into boxed sets of squads which can be bought ‘off the shelf’.

The German fallschirmjäger were founded by Herman Goering as a branch of the Luftwaffe, inspired by Soviet experiments in paratroops. The fallschirmjäger were elite light troops, designed to use surprise to great effect, taking Eben Emael and their Pyrrhic victory on Crete.

Later in the war, they became an elite corps used as a ‘fire brigade’ to hold enemy breakthroughs, notably at Monte Cassino and Carentan. By 1944, their role as airborne troops was essentially over as now troops weren’t trained to parachute, they had become an elite fighting force instead.    

The Fallschirmjager set comes with 22 models, a command squad, an 11 man squad, an 81mm Mortar and two Jagers with FG 42 automatic Rifles. These make the ideal starters for a Para force, adding additional squads or support weapons as preferred later. 

These are Bolt Action at their finest; the models themselves are excellent quality. Some of the miniatures had a little flash but this was easily dealt with.  The box is priced at £25.00, good value for what you get. This makes an ideal starter for a Fallschrmjager force or a useful addition to an existing army. Size wise, they are 28mm from foot to eye, so compatible with the vast majority of ranges. Recommended.

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