First Look: Gripping Beast Saxons (size 28mm)

Gripping Beast SaxonsFollowing on from their successful plastic Vikings comes the Saxon Thegns, the elite warriors of Anglo Saxon society. The box contains a massive 44 models, four sprues of 10 warriors and two sprues of command with two miniatures on each.

The models are well made and assemble nicely with a good polystyrene cement. There is a choice of weapons from spears to swords and axes with plenty of head variations. The inclusion of two command sprues means that two units of 22 models could potentially be made up with this set. A full comprehensive review will appear in WS&S 54. Overall, this is a good buy for the Dark Age player, one which WS&S has no trouble recommending. Compatibility is good, the models will fit in with most existing 28mm Dark Age ranges. Priced at £20.

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