Jasper's Fallschirmjäger

In the very first issue of the relaunched Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy (issue 54), we had a ‘Let’s Play’ of Operation Squad. To test the game, I painted a squad of Bolt Action Fallschirmjäger - I love those Paul Hicks sculpts. The game never really took hold for me, but I’ve recently been adding to the unit, slowly expanding it into a full platoon to play Chain of Command with. I’ve added some Wargames Foundry sculpts and, because I’m trying not to have any figure twice, I’ll be adding some reinforcements from Artizan Designs in the near future as well. I’m also planning to convert a few figures as support - Fallschirmpioniere sounds about right to me! Below is the current status quo - more to follow soon!

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