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Recently, I purchased a painted early war Polish army for World War 2. Primarily, I had it in mind for photography - the Polish campaign of 1939 is one I'd like to feature in future issues of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. But, as I now have such a beautiful army, I should get to play with it...

My army in Bolt Action terms is over 1500 points, enough for two solid platoons. Each platoon has two full sections of infantry, support and armour (the obligatory armoured car and tank). One platoon has a veteran cavalry section.  

My first game was against Alex S and his early war Germans. Our board looked more like Normandy bocage than Poland, but it was still fun to play on. We played two platoons at 1500 total, which proved to be a little too much for an evening's session.

Our game was glorious, including a cavalry charge into a full strength SS unit, which evaporated on contact! Veteran Polish cavalry are nasty even if you don't take lances. However, our game ran out of time and ended in a well-fought draw.

I did manage a second outing of the Poles last week. This time, I fought Sam R's early war Soviets, and again 1500 points. This time we started very early and raced through our turns (more war, war, less jaw, jaw!). Sam brought only two tanks, a T35 'land battleship' and a T28!

I thought my Poles were doomed agains the Soviet horde. My cavalry went on a wild charge down one wing only to be cut up by two regular LMG squads (in 1939?), but did a good job at distracting the Soviets. Thankfully, the Soviet T35 and T28 failed to hit my armour and by turn 4, both were either ablaze or abandoned. The Polish armour and antitank screen had prevailed! Despite being pressed on all fronts, the dice tally went in to Poles favour and we won a decisive victory.

"Jeszcze Polska nie zgineła!"

Yes, early war Polish are a great and fun army.

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Good to see the Poles being played. Those Polish tanks look excellent. Not really a Bolt Action fan myself, but I have my own 15mm armies for this campaign for which I have used various rules. A 1939 theme for a future WSS edition would be very welcome – if you need an article I might be able to rustle something up!

Keith Flint

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