Remembering Stuart Asquith

I was saddened to learn today, courtesy of Henry Hyde,  that Stuart Asquith had passed away last night.

Stuart Asquith (Courtesy of Henry Hyde)

Stuart was a true giant in the hobby. Known for his fun and gentlemanly approach to wargaming, he also espoused simple wargames rules, such as the 'Old School' approach to wargaming.

Stuart wrote several books and dozens of magazine articles for Military Modelling, Practical Wargamer (more on this later) and (of course) for Battlegames. These have inspired generations of wargamers (and I'm sure his work will inspire generations to come).

The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team owe Stuart a great debt. As the former editor of Practical Wargames, he oversaw a top-quality wargaming magazine. This publication above all others was the model we used when relaunching the new WS&S magazine back in 2011.

All of us here at Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy would like to extend our sympathies to Stuart's friends and family.

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