Sandskrieg - Building an Afrika Korps army

For a long time now, I've been mentioning my Sandskrieg project, which I mentioned in my blog back in 2015 (was it really that long ago?). Now is time for some action.

Spurred on by the Analogue Painting Challenge, paint has finally met undercoated models and some work has been done. I'm trying to recreate the Afrika Korps and 8th Army 20mm collection I had as a teenager, this time in 28mm.  Rather than a specific army list, I am recreating my old collection based on the book An introduction to Wargaming by John Sandars.

Progress has been slow, as real life and work pressures have got in the way. However, things are slowly coming together. I now have a painted Rubicon Sdkfz 222 and have almost finished a Warlord Panzer III, Marder III and a Minairons Henschel truck (straight out of Indiana Jones!).

Each vehicle has been primed grey or Panzer Grey and then dry brushed with a sand colour. With the Panzer III above, I decided to do a dark wash over the grey in the recesses, as the grey was quite light. I wanted the colour to stand out more when dry brushed. I used 1/3 Brown Sand (VMC 879) and 2/3rd Iraqi Sand (VMC 819), which gave me the right sort of colour (for me). It 'looked right' and reminded me of the colour my tanks used to be.

I will probably add some weathering as well and decals are a must. Still, a lot to do and I need to paint some infantry. I've converted a lot of Afrika Korps soldiers too.

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