Issue 67 - Wrath of Heaven Extras

In issue 67 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy , we offer rules for a Japanese Feudal adaptation of Muskets & Tomahawks called Wrath of Heaven . However, space didn’t permit us from including all of the information and goodies we had prepared on the topic. Below you’ll find a table of extra NPC items, downloadable playing cards, and an article on building the Japanese castle used on our board at SALUTE.

Wrath of Heaven playing cards

It’s easy to make your own cards for Tenchu, but you can also download the set that we produced for our demo games - It has all the cards you’ll need for two complete forces. Or, if you are playing like we did, with a troop of Ninja facing off against a variety of NPC’s, just use the Ninja of one colour and all the other cards in the opposite colour. The card PDF also includes a back for your cards if you want a really “official” looking deck. For a very nice looking finish, we recommend you take the cards to a print shop so they can be printed on both sides and laminated afterwards. Then all you need to do is cut them apart with a box knife before use.

Extra items table

As mentioned in the article on Wrath of Heaven in issue 67 of WS&S , Ninja may find and pick up a variety of bonus items while on their quest, if you so choose. However, space limitations prevented us from including our list of in the actual magazine. Here then are some of the special items you may choose to hide on the playing board:

Special Items
These optional items may be found during a mission. They will always be guarded!

Green Destiny
The enchanted sword. -1 to any saves. On a tie, it destroys any weapon on a 3+. Will affect enchanted beings.

The wooden man. If the Ninja falls, the Mokojin replaces the Ninja – it seems that, all this time, the enemy had been fighting a wooden dummy!

Sleeping Gas
All models within 2” of the grenade fall asleep, losing their activations until the end of the turn.

Fire-breathing Potion
The Ninja can breathe fire! The flame hits one target within 3” automatically. While the target is on fire, on its next two activations, all it can do is try and put the flames out and make a ‘Save’ to avoid injury. The flames go out at the end of the turn, if two activations have not passed.

Five-Yen Coin
Lucky coin! Change any die roll by one pip, once.

Japanese castle construction

Jasper has written an article explaining how we constructed the Japanese castle used in our demo game. Included is a collection of PDFs from the old WS&S that give basic instructions for this building. Jasper has added details on his modifications and improvements to these original plans, as we felt that some of the techniques described were impractical or inefficient.

For more on Wrath of Heaven (including the complete rules and a terrain building guide) be sure to check out issue 67 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy . It is available to order, through our webshop .

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