Ancient History 45: More Further Reading

By Owain Williams

Every issue of Ancient History includes a selection of further reading items so that readers who have enjoyed the topic and want to learn more about it can do so. Usually, this further reading section is dedicated to the theme of the issue. If non-theme articles include further reading suggestions, we try to include them in a textbox in the article itself. Unfortunately, however, due to considerations of space, we are not always able to include these further reading items.


For issue 45 – ‘Wealth, Power, Luxury: Status in the Ancient World’ – our contributors provided so many recommendations for further reading that we simply could not include them all in the magazine. So, for those readers who crave more, let’s have a look at some more suggestions for further reading!



Cyclopean Fortifications by Kalliopi Efkleidou


Efkleidou, Kalliopi. “Architectural conspicuous consumption and design as social strategy in the Argolid during the Mycenaean period.” In Constructing monuments, perceiving monumentality and the economics of building: Theoretical and methodological approaches to the built environment, A. Brysbaert, V. Klinkenberg, A. Gutiérrez Garcia-M., and I. Vikatou (eds.), 65–86. Leiden: Sidestone Press, 2018.


Fitzsimons, Rodney D. “Crossing Thresholds and Building States: Labor Investment, Tomb Construction, and Early State Formation in the Bronze Age Argolid.” In Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World: Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Cologne/Bonn, 22-26 May 2018, Eleni Hasaki and Martin Bentz (eds.), 17-38. Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2020.


Thaler, Ulrich. “Ahhiyawa and Hatti: Palatial Perspectives.” In Mediterranean Crossroads, S. Antoniadou and A. Pace (eds.), 291–323. Oxford: Pierides Foundation, 2007.



Literacy and Occupation in Ancient Egypt by Barbara Boczar


Allon, N, and H. Navrátilová. Ancient Egyptian Scribes: A Cultural Exploration. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017.


Baines, J. Visual and Written Culture in Ancient Egypt. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.


Haring, B. “From oral practice to written record in Ramesside Deir el-Medina.” Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 46 (2003): 249–272.



Decorating the Roman Indoors by Daniel Kershaw


Berry, J. The Complete Pompeii. London: Thames and Hudson, 2013.


Bodel, J. “Death on Display: Looking at Roman Funerals.” Studies in the History of Art 56 (1999): 258–281.


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Sumi, G.S. “Impersonating the Dead: Mimes at Roman Funerals.” The American Journal of Philology 123 (2002): 559–585.


Happy reading!

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