Podcast Episode (222): Issue 15.6 The rise of Macedon

The team (Jasper, Murray, Myke, Mark and Marc) discuss issue 15.6 of Ancient Warfare looking at the rise of Macedon, the origins of the phalanx and the genius (or not) of Philip II. Enjoy the podcast? Support us via Patreon, now with optional magazine subscription!


Hi Sean
They were:
- George Cawkwell – Philip of Macedon. Faber and Faber, 1978
- John Buckler Philip II and the Sacred War. Brill 1989

Jasper Oorthuys

Would you please remind me of the books that were recommended about Phillip during this podcast?


Murray is correct on Philip’s marriages and diplomacy. It’s all a matter of what is required at the time. Forgotten in this discussion of Alexander being the greater “social innovator” (with bringing in the Persian elite) is that this is exactly what Philip did with the Greeks. Greeks begin appearing amongst Philips hetairoi – little different to Alexander bringing in Persian elites to his court.

Michael Park

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