GWS 2016 - What do you want to know?

It’s been very busy here at WSS HQ and I’ve not posted as much about the results of the Great Wargaming Survey as I would’ve liked. However, we’ve found a solution to catch up quick. Episode 4 of the WSS podcast will focus on the Survey, and we want your input: if you’ve taken the survey, you may have some idea about what’s in there. If not (booh! 😉 ) feel free to ask away about the wonderful world of wargaming.

What would you like to know? Post your questions below and we’ll select a few we feel are both interesting and actually possible to resolve using the results of the Great Wargaming Survey. I’ll probably grab a few as a topic for future blogs as well. We’ll get around to answering those questions, sooner or later (at least before the GWS2017!)

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