The Great Wargaming Survey 2023

The Great Wargaming Survey 2023 has arrived again. We’ve removed some questions and added a few new ones, as always. That should give new avenues for analysis in due course. 

Please go take the survey now! (or anytime before September 1st).



Jasper Oorthuys

Hey. I was suprised to see you didnt have parent/carer as an option for ‘what you do with your day’.
I get that there is an ‘other’ option and you could manually enter it, but considering some of the options that did make the list I figured it would be represented.


Hmmm. Probably because they’ve not been mentioned before. Good idea – I’ll make a note for future editions!

Jasper Oorthuys

why are plotters and lasercutters excluded in the survey? You can build great things with them, even miniatures.


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