Artist Spotlight: Richard Thomson

You have read about some of our authors, and we will feature more in future posts. But let's learn about some of our artists as well!

Here is a bit on one of our regulars, Richard Thomson.

Hello readers of Medieval World magazine!

I’m Richard Thomson, a freelance illustrator and designer from Scotland who produces illustrations for editorial, design and sports, as well as private commissions. I originally trained as an architect, then worked on sailing boats, then became an illustrator full time three years ago. If that doesn’t seem like a logical path to you, you’re not the only one! Squiggly lines sometimes work too.

I produce most of my art digitally but love the aesthetic and feel of traditional painting. I love digital art for its convenience and accuracy, and love traditional art just as much for its messiness and the slower pace!

I produce quite a few of the maps (and the odd illustration) for Medieval World magazine, and always love opening the brief from the editor for the first time and then reading around the topic I’m going to illustrate. It’s like a little history lesson every time! Then I love getting stuck in and revel in the challenge of trying to convey what I’ve learned as clearly as possible- particularly so with historical illustrations where accuracy and attention to detail is so important.

When not painting, I'm generally to be found outside doing something (often sailing) or settled nicely with a good book (generally history). I also love dogs, hiking, and board games!

You can find more of my work on my website:

Have a look around if you like, and I'd love to hear from you!

I’m also (occasionally) on Instagram:



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Great stuff. I look them over very closely and really enjoy them.

Warren Joseph Marik

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