Recent publications about the medieval Holy Roman Empire

We hope you enjoyed our inaugural issue of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict, which looked at the Holy Roman Empire at the end of the Middle Ages. If you would like to learn more, the following books cover various historical, cultural, artistic, religious, and military facets of the Holy Roman Empire during the medieval period.

The Holy Roman Empire, Reconsidered, edited by Jason Philip Coy, Benjamin Marschke, and David Warren Sabean (Berghahn, 2010). ISBN: 9781845457594

Associative Political Culture in the Holy Roman Empire: Upper Germany, 1346-1521, by Duncan Hardy (Oxford University Press, 2018) ISBN: 9780198827252

The Holy Roman Empire: A Very Short Introduction, by Joachim Whaley (Oxford University Press, 2018) ISBN: 9780198748762

Animating Empire: Automata, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Early Modern World, by Jessica Keating (Penn State University Press, 2018) ISBN: 9780271080024

The Last Knight: The Art, Armor, and Ambition of Maximilian I, edited by Pierre Terjanian (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2019) ISBN: 9781588396747

The Hussites, by Stephen E. Lahey (Arc Humanities Press, 2020) ISBN: 9781641891622

A Companion to the Hussites, edited by Michael Van Dussen and Pavel Soukup (Brill, 2020) ISBN: 9789004397866

The Holy Roman Empire: A Short History, by Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger (Princeton University Press, 2021) ISBN: 9780691217314

Additional publications are listed in the "Further Reading" section of the magazine (p. 58). 

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