1940 CAMPAIGN FRENCH - PART 10: Enter The Dragon(s)!

By Chris King
Amidst the inevitable pile of other projects currently on the go(!) I recently finished another significant batch of WW2 French. Today, I present the bulk of my dismounted Dragons Chasseurs.
I say 'Dismounted' because these models will be doubling-up as both motorcycle Chasseurs (note the helmets) and lorry-mounted Dragons Portes [please forgive the lack of accent as we migrate to new blog software!] with a dozen or so more Dragons Portes models - and support teams - soon to join them.
As these photos are a little over-exposed, some of the troops look a little pasty(!) but the models themselves are gorgeous in real life.
These are all from Crusader Minis, via friend of the magazine Nick at North Star, and I really enjoy their poses - they're sturdy yet expressive; the balance is just right. 
Next up, a handful of French vehicles, including the Laffly S20T trucks for les Dragons Portes to ride in!


Hullo, Stephen,

I painted them to the best of my (limited) ability having been stuck with a lot of black and white photos, although one picture did note a subaltern had a dashing light blue scarf, which I dutifully added to the chap with the map. I wish you better luck…

Chris King

I have been searching for some time for the uniform for the French motorized Chasseures in the DCR and have exhausted my source material have settled on Painting them in blue trousers and puttees and American field drab for the greatcoats I will use the standard motorcycle uniform and tank uniform and as it is only 3 companies this should make them stand out on the wargames table but not too much. If anyone knows of any thing different I would like to hear from them.

Stephen Pollard

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