28mm Victorian Afghans

Regular readers of my blog will know that I always like to mess around and hybridise my plastic infantry. In one specific period, I'll use the parts from different kits. Recently two companies, Perry Miniatures, and Wargames Atlantic have launched plastic Afghans suitable for the Victorian Anglo-Afghan wars. [caption id="attachment_71481" align="aligncenter" width="482"] Perry Afghans with the special Maiwand miniature.[/caption] Naturally, my mind has turned to how compatible the two sets are with each other. To my delight, Perry and Atlantic are very mixable. [caption id="attachment_71480" align="aligncenter" width="518"] Wargames Atlantic Afghans.[/caption] I wanted my Afghan figures to be varied and unique, so using and combining both sets together gives them a very irregular look. [caption id="attachment_71475" align="aligncenter" width="502"] Perry heads and arms, Atlantic bodies.[/caption] For the most part, very little actual conversion was needed. The arms are mostly compatible 'off the sprue'. [caption id="attachment_71474" align="aligncenter" width="501"] More Atlantic bodies with Perry heads and arms.[/caption] The heads were the only slightly tricky bit. The Perry heads have a 'ball socket' for the neck, while the Atlantic ones are flat at the base, with a high neck on the body. [caption id="attachment_71476" align="aligncenter" width="501"] Atlantic heads and arms with Perry bodies. The shield is Perry.[/caption] For the Perry bodies, I simply added a little bit of spare sprue to the Atlantic heads before shaping the neck to fit the shoulders. [caption id="attachment_71477" align="aligncenter" width="501"] Perry heads and arms with Atlantic bodies.[/caption] For the Atlantic bodies, I shaved a little off the Perry heads on the bottom to make them compatible. [caption id="attachment_71478" align="aligncenter" width="501"] Perry heads, arms, and shields with Atlantic bodies.[/caption] The final results are most satisfying. Now I have easily doubled the variety that each set has, giving me even more unique poses for my Afghans. I found these conversions fun, not at all taxing. [caption id="attachment_71479" align="aligncenter" width="501"] Atlantic arms and heads with Perry bodies.[/caption] With Great War and modern sets announced by Atlantic, conversions for 'back of beyond' 1920s and perhaps more recent conflicts become possible. Of course, I could combine parts with other plastic sets, such as the Frostgrave or Stargrave sets for Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I'll leave this madness for another time.

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