Gangs of Rome conversions

I was fortunate enough to get some review samples of the plastic Citizens of Rome for the excellent Gangs of Rome game. While assembling this plastic set, I decided to have a play and see what else I could convert with them. 

The box contains five sprues, each with six models. They can be assembled with a host of options and heads. The set can be used to build both unarmed civilians and armed gangers. A few boxes could build an army for the Servile wars.  

The civilians have some interesting options and can make great NPCs or 'mobs' for the game.

The armed options allow gamers to make some great models which are full fo character. Hmm, Cthulhu Invictus, anyone? 

I then looked at all the spare parts I had. Could I use them to make hybrids? I rummaged around and found some Victrix Velites, which I hadn't built.  Any 28mm guy in a tunic would do. Cutting off the sleeves or cutting the arms to fit both work.

I must admit I did get carried away and tried several conversions. Then I thought I had some spare metal weapons from the original release of the game. How would they look?

Much to my satisfaction, they fitted perfectly. I had to drill the hands out slightly so the plastic arm would neatly fit the 'nub' of the hand, but they were fixed on with super glue easily. The bond is strong enough that it would take some force to break it.

Then I struck gold; I found a few unmade gangers from the original set along with a mob pack. Time for some more conversions, using the spares from the plastic set! 

The plastic weapons work very well with the metal gangers and the accessories allowed me to make up a new character or two. I also used more spare metal heads and weapon parts on the plastics.

The plastic heads also work well on the spare box of 'mob' I found. Now, they look different enough, so no one model of my mob will look exactly the same.

Finally, as I'd hacked off the odd 'mob' head, I had a few heads spare. So, I decided to use them on a few spare models. They worked very well. The new plastic set is great fun to build and convert with; I love experimenting and seeing what possibilities I could come up with. I'll now have some useful and unique models for my Gangs of Rome games. 

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