Making the most of Medieval Spanish

As regular readers of this blog will know, I'm a little crazy for conversions. So, when WS&S recieved some of the Fireforge Medieval Spanish to review, I had an urge to try some conversion work. 

Fireforge have recently released Almoghuvars in plastic and a range of Medieval Spanish in resin. Thankfully, the parts are all intercompatible, allowing me to have some fun. I built units with an eye towards using them with Lion Rampant 2.

I assemble the parts one by one in order. I'll generally do a 'dry run' with blu-tack to ensure I'm happy with the pose before using superglue (necessary to bond the resin to the plastic).

As you can see, I start with the legs, letting it dry. Then the torso and then the arms, at each stage letting the firt one dry before attempting a second. The head goes on last, so I can get it stuck facing in the direction I want. 

The list I'll be using will be from Lion Rampant 2, although I may swap out a heavy infantry for a light infantry with javelins (for the Almoghuvars).

The one thing I'm missing is the light cavalry, so I may have to be a little inventive with these and see what I can convert, maybe some of the Fireforge cavalry with javelins...

Now that I have assembled my force, next I need to gat some paint on them! After all, I can't play with plain soldiers, can I?

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