Multiple choice militia

Jur is not the only one with an interest in the militia of the American revolution. I too find the history of these units on both sides of the conflict fascinating. That interest combined very nicely with the Camden project, where my brigade includes Bryan’s North Carolina Volunteers, a loyalist regiment of militia. It combined especially nicely with my intentions to join the 6th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I’d set myself a goal of 400 points (nope, didn’t get even close, but it was definitely enjoyable to take part!).

Painting three bases - 18 figures - of Bryan’s militia would provide a good chunk of my goal in points. I’d decided to up the ante for myself by making this militia unit ‘multi-use’. Though it’d be possible to give militia in mostly civilian dress some indications of the side they’re on, I decided to have two completely neutral bases and add both a loyalist and a patriot command base.

For one, that allows for some flags, always cool, and it would make the unit both recognizable, distinctive and flexible, depending on the command stand selected. The last figures are almost done, but work interfered with completion of the unit before the end of the challenge. This is the state of play at the moment.

Once this unit’s done, I’ll have to tackle the infantry of the British Legion. Still wondering about their uniform, but that’s a worry for another day…

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