Preparations for the 1940 Campaign Day

Our 1940 campaign day is in early July. In preparation for it, several of our club members have been painting large forces of French, British, Belgians and Germans.


Regular WS&S Blog readers will have been following Chris K's efforts on the blog. There will be more updates on the other players soon. We have also playtested through several battle scenarios, almost weekly for the past three months.

Dave D's mighty BEF force.

We are running an open and asymmetric 'sandbox' campaign. Instead of having a set of linked battles, the battles will be determined by the units moving on a map. One of the most important parts of our concept is that means that 500 points of recce might be expected to hold a fight against 1500 points of invading forces. 

There also has to be a common understanding of the rules and any ammendments we are running. One issue has been large buildings, such as warehouses. How should we treat these? 

The brave BEF brace themselves for an assault.

The rules say that each 6" square is a building. How should we treat the spaces inside? We have three factory like buildings, so does the interior count as 'open' or should we populate our buidings with 'stuff' to give cover? How about moving around?

The same BEF failing to kill one German in close assault!

We have come to a compromise to allow these big buidings to be used. they will use the buiding rules, you have to assault from section to section and if the area is open, it will count as soft cover if a unit decides to shoot from one open internal section to another. 

Not long to the big day! I'd best get back to finishing off more terrain!


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