Preparations for the Great Wargaming Survey 2021

We've been running the survey now since 2014, so this will be our eighth year. In it, we ask wargamers about their hobby and from their answers, we can build a fairly accurate snapshot of the hobby. Our latest 2021 survey will be launched on August 1st. [caption id="attachment_71326" align="aligncenter" width="600"]My mock up of the GWS 2021 logo My unofficial mock up of the GWS 2021 logo...[/caption] All the information given in the survey is anonymised and is subject to GDPR. These results are shared with the whole hobby, so anyone can go to our blog and read our findings. Great Wargames Survey Archive: Over the years, we have refined the survey with a few minor tweaks. Of course, we cannot dramatically change it, as that would make comparing the new survey with previous ones challenging. Now, nothing is perfect - the survey can only be representative of the sample of gamers who answers the survey. Nobody knows how big the wargames population is or how it breaks down demographically. However, our sample is usually answered far and wide, and the larger the sample, the more accurate it will be. By casting our net far and wide, we try to make the results as accurate a representation of the hobby as we possibly can. As always, everyone who enters the survey has the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw to win a random prize offered by our sponsors. For Covid reasons, our 2020 draw was admittedly poor, as many manufacturers were on furlough and not every prize was delivered. This year we have strong commitments from our sponsors that every prize will be delivered. [caption id="attachment_71332" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The actual logo for 2021! The actual official logo for 2021![/caption] So, when you see the announcement on August 1st, please take the survey. You will help us and the wargames community as a whole understand the changes and trends in the hobby, including the impact of Covid on us all. Please enter our survey and look out for it on August 1st.

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