Unboxing "A Quar's War"

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy recently received This Quar's War from Zombiesmith and Wargames Atlantic. The game's premise is one where the Quar (best described as anthropomorphic anteaters) vie for control of their world of Alwyd.

The Quar have been in a state of perpetual war for centuries, as rival factions and nations battle it out. A new faction, the Crusaders, as vowed to end all war by taking over all the other factions. Unsurprisingly, the independent sovereign nations of the Quar joined together to attempt to stop the Crusaders.

The setting of Alwyd has a sort of Quar logic and is very well thought out with the various factions. Likewise, Their equipment and weapons have a familiar Dieselpunk feel to them, so it is a kind of alternate World War 1 setting. The game box comes with dice, a rulebook and cards. The mechanisms are straightforward, rolling 3D6 and looking for a target number. There are also bonuses for rolling 6's and penalties for rolling 1's to the result.   

The miniatures themselves are very detailed and fun to construct. There are models for the well-armed Crusader faction and the more traditional Coftyrans. The game itself is skirmish level, so each side will typically control a squad each. There are no rules for armoured vehicles or heavier weapons in the rulebook, but there are supplements online which cover this.  

I liked how the box came with some simple cutouts, which can make some simple terrain and give a feel of what the Quar world would look like. There are some bushes, barbed wire sections, a sign, a shooting target and a small hovel. 

Finally, there are the models themselves. The Crusaders are equipped for assault, while the Coftyrans have more long-ranged weapons. Support weapons are covered in the rules and will be sold seperately. Bases are provided as standard.

The Quar do have a certain charm. Unlike some settings, the background has a rich lore. If you are looking for something different to play, then check the Quar out.

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