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There is now a new way to read Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine: WSS online.

Behind the scenes, the Karwansaray team has been working very hard to find the best way to read WS&S on any device or screen size. WSS Online allows readers to see the full quality of the magazine, to zoom in to see the detail in a photo, and to click on the article to get an easy-to-read text. Existing subscribers need not worry. They will still receive a downloadable PDF of every new issue, and do not have to upgrade if they don't want to.

The cover of WSS 130

Previously, the magazine was available as a print copy (always good, as it never needs batteries) and as a downloadable PDF. Both the former and the latter will still be offered, but, as far as the latter is concerned, different PDF readers can cause anomalies in the display. WSS Online should eliminate those issues. Also, the existing PDF format is a single-page display, which meant some articles, such as the game reviews, might be difficult to follow.

The new WSS Online system hopes to combine the best of both worlds. The double-page spread, or single page if you prefer, can be scrolled through and a swipe takes you to the next set of pages. You can also call up an overview to quickly jump to another article. Alternatively, the reader may click on a specific article and read it as text only, which is useful for those on small-screen devices.

We think that with WSS Online, we have managed to create something that all readers can enjoy on virtually any device with an internet connection without sacrificing the quality they are used to. Most articles have an enhanced reading mode. The exceptions are the mini-reviews and painting tutorials. Their specific image-heavy layout does not translate well to the enhanced text format.

Here are some sample double pages from WS&S 130. Readers can choose to see the PDF as a single-page or in an overview mode for easy browsing. The reading version has a contents column to easily switch articles. Readers can also share a page spread with friends, useful in case you are running a game and both sides need access to the same orders of battle or map!

WSS Online archive

I really enjoy this new system; it even helps my work as I can easily refer back to previous articles and issues, and I think, and I hope you agree, the quality is very good. 

Wait, previous issues? Did I neglect to mention that? Yep, with WSS Online you'll get access to all back issues of WS&S (with the exception of a handful of issues before issue 54. The original publisher didn't have the files anymore), listed next to the free online articles. This is where the search really shines. Pick a topic, do a search, and it'll spit out every article your search goes into. I tried it with Bolt Actioas you can see, but this will easily convert to any other ruleset. ;-) 

The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team are launching WSS Online shortly. We’re still working behind the scenes to update things. We’re soft-launching it today, so it’s not official yet, but I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek behind the scenes. 

You can sign up HERE. Note that WSS Online is an upgrade to any existing digital subscription. Please contact us if you need help changing over from your extant digital subscription.

Remember, existing digital subscriptions won't change. You will still get a downloadable PDF of every new issue. In fact, if you sign up to this service, you'll still get a downloadable PDF of every new issue.  If you have any feedback, please let us know and drop us a line.

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