WSS Podcast 74: The perfect rules

With team-members dropping out at will, the usual suspects attempt to figure out what makes a 'perfect' set of rules. The result may not be worthy of a spot in the dictionary. Add the news and the usual shenanigans to round it all out...

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Interesting discussion on what might make up the perfect rules. I was intrigued that much of the discussion was on the layout and format of the rules and rather less on whether the rules were a fair reflection of how warfare was conducted in the period/campaign/war being represented on the tabletop. I do get that these are games first and foremost and that having a good time is the object of the exercise but I do wonder if having a decent degree of historical underpinnings to a rule set would also be something that would distinguish one ruleset from another. It might give the impression that the designers have done a bit more than come up with a neat dice mechanism or a cool card deck. But then again, what is realism?

Martin Sheppard

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