Looking ahead to 2024

By Owain Williams

2023 was a great year. We released some excellent issues of the magazine, our artists created some truly beautiful artworks, and we read some thoroughly engaging books. 2024 is looking even better. We have some very exciting things in the works.

We already have some interesting issues planned, starting with Ancient History 48: The Hunt in Antiquity, which will explore hunting in the ancient world, from Egypt to the ancient Celts. This issue will not just look at the act of hunting but will also explore how the ancients thought about hunting and how hunting was applied to different social activities.

This year will also see the publication of Ancient History’s 50th issue! Quite a milestone. To celebrate 50 issues of Ancient History, issue 50’s theme will cover your – the readers’ – most popular period and culture (according to a survey we conducted way back in 2022): The Age of Augustus! Covering Augustus’ reforms, propaganda, and foreign relations, there will be something for everyone in this issue. 

That isn’t all that’s coming in 2024. Coming January 2024 is the Ancient History Podcast! Releasing once a month, each episode will feature a new guest to discuss their research, a new book, or just talk about ancient history, from Greece and Rome to Mesopotamia and China, and everything in between. In fact, the Ancient History Podcast is now available! You can listen to the first episode on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon.

What are you looking forward to in 2024? 

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More content (including the contrarian, iconoclastic views), on thw Egyptian 18th Dynasty with a lot of stories on Akhenaten.
Also more on the falsification of history by Manetho, the Exodus of the Jews under (?) Ramses II and the unexplained geological upheavals of the time.


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