Karwansaray is a Dutch publishing company with an international outlook.

We specialize in the production of non-fiction books and magazines with a historical focus. History isn't black and white and we believe it shouldn't be presented as such. That's why we make a special effort to bring together many voices and opinions in our publications. We have a passion for finding new perspectives on the past.

Staying Current

While we recognize the importance of traditional publishing techniques and media, we also believe in exploring all of the possibilities created by the digital revolution.

We are actively experimenting with videos, podcasts, and digital versions of our books and magazines while using Facebook, blogs and Twitter to communicate with new readers. There's no question that the publishing industry is evolving and we intend on taking full advantage of new innovations.


Beautiful and thought-provoking

We know that there's more to a good read than just a gripping text. All of our books are of the highest possible quality: our bindings, paper and printing are always a cut above. We don't neglect the artwork either: our monographs are richly illustrated not only with detailed photographs, but also with original drawings and paintings created just for us.


Accessible History

Much of the latest research in the field of history is targeted at an academic audience and is often expensive, difficult to find and frustrating to read. Karwansaray is dedicated to taking the newest historical research and making it available to an informed yet diverse audience through high-quality publications written by experts and academics.