Ancient Warfare Podcast (287): The Marcomannic Wars

'Shortly after Marcus Aurelius came to power in AD 161, the Roman Empire was racked by a series of military crises. 
While unrest in Britain and a new war with Parthia were swiftly dealt with, the invasion of Roman territory by the Chatti and Chauci peoples heralded a resurgent threat from the empire’s European neighbours. 
Soon the Marcomanni and the Quadi, as well as the Dacians and the Sarmatian Iazyges, would attack the Romans in a series of savage conflicts that continued until AD 175 and would involve the first invasion of Roman Italy since the beginning of the 1st century BC.'
Marc talks to Murray about his latest Combat title for Osprey on Marcus Aurelius' Marcomannic Wars, 'Barbarian Warrior vs Roman Legionary: Marcomannic Wars AD 165–180'

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