Editorial plan updated

Absolutely, it was high time I updated the editorial plan and thank you so much for all the suggestions. I truly enjoy hearing what topics you'd like to read about, even if those topics are sometimes almost impossible. Please feel free to submit proposals for the themes that made it, as well as those that didn't. I'm sure you noticed I've been trying to make more space for articles outside the theme. We're always trying to make sure there's something interesting to read, even if the theme is not your primary interest. Looking at the themes below, that means you, Greek warfare specialists!

We're already had themes for the first two upcoming issues, but because I need to catch up some time (just never move office, not a good idea!), I've switched them around.

Volume XIII will start off with 'Tarentines and Epirotes 335 - 275 BC'. I've already received several proposals that would fit the theme and I have to admit I'm getting more and more fascinated by the earlier history of Rome myself. Sure, the focus is on southern Italy, but the growing power to the north is going to get involved. We've looked at Pyrrhus before, but there's certainly more to say about him and his countrymen.

Issue XIII.2, the first of several more general themes in this Volume, will look at the influence of geography on warfare. I can imagine articles on the many battles at Thermopylae, on the interplay of geography and strategy, or the use of geography in battle to attain a crucial advantage.

The next issue, XIII.3, will look at the rise of Septimius Severus. It seems he's gone quietly under the radar for the past 12-odd years, so it's high time we studied the emperor who admonished his sons from his deathbed to take care of the soldiery if nothing else!

XIII.4 will range wide again, to discuss the role of chariots in, and around warfare. Apart from an in-depth look at their effect (or lack thereof) on the battlefield, so many ancient cultures used these vehicles that there's plenty to fill an issue with.

Trust a former Ancient Warfare intern to come up with an original idea. Hellenistic Asia Minor - which will undoubtedly be focused on Pergamon and its surroundings - should be fascinating in issue XIII.5. We can go from rampaging Gauls to the peaceful handover to Rome as part of its last ruler. I look forward to this topic already!

Early imperial Rome can never get enough attention as far as I'm concerned. That's not just because I'm a fan, but for the simple reason that there is just so much more to say. The emperor Claudius should make for a great topic. Obviously there's the invasion of Britannia to consider, but there's enough evidence to suggest he's the one who fortified the Rhine border and reform the army. So that's XIII.6.

As a bonus, I also decided on the first issue of Volume XIV. So many suggestions came down to 'mercenaries' one way or another that I decided it's time for a do-over of III.1. There's more to say, after all...

So, there it is. Hope that's appealing! Again, if you'd like to discuss a proposal, I'd love to hear from you. And if these topics caught your interest, why not subscribe?

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