Editorial staff change at Ancient Warfare

As some of you may know, before taking the helm of Ancient Warfare, I was working diligently on my PhD thesis, which, not surprisingly, concerned the organization of the early imperial Roman navy, among other things (you can read some of my work in issue V.5). However, as running a magazine takes a lot of time and focus, my PhD work ended up taking a backseat. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to finish.

On the contrary, I’ve been trying to find time for years and never quite succeeding. Just recently, I was given the opportunity to take some time off from the magazine and focus at least part-time on completing my research. As it currently stands, I’ll be handing off work on Ancient Warfare for the next four months. I’ll still stay very much involved here at Karwansaray Publishers however, since there are still plenty of fires that only I can put out (ok, hopefully not too many fires).

You may ask, who will be taking the helm of Ancient Warfare while I am busy? Well, I believe we’ve found an excellent replacement in Josho Brouwers. Having already finished his PhD in Archaic Greek warfare, he can devote himself to editing the magazine. You may remember some of his work from issue VI.1 (and the corresponding podcast where he also made an appearance). At least initially, Dirk van Gorp, the editor of Medieval Warfare, will also be helping Josho out while he adjusts to running a magazine.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on things, behind the scenes. You can expect Ancient Warfare to maintain the same quality and standards as usual, but perhaps with a fresh perspective! If you have any questions or concerns about this switch, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. You can also read Josho’s first post on our editor’s blog, where he introduces himself.

You’ll hear from me more soon, hopefully after I’ve added some extra titles to my name!

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