Rebooting my ancient wargaming

I do my level best to stay true to the course when it comes to my miniature wargaming. You know, limit the number of projects, not give in to every whim and new range that comes by. Obvious things... That said, despite starting out with ancients wargaming, that era for me has sort of fallen by the wayside. Since I've taken up the editorial mantle of Ancient Warfare again, so to speak, the old flame has been rekindled.

Fortunately - or should that be 'unsurprisingly'? - I've got plenty of minis in stock to get started, but they are mostly Greek hoplites and Hellenistic phalangite minis. Over time, I'd like to go more in the direction of the Successor Wars or the campaigns of Pyrrhus. Ancient Warfare XI.2 really got me interested again in the early 3rd century BC. I've got a unit of Thureophoroi, phalangites and some Tarentine cavalry ready for the brush as well, but I do feel the need for Galatians, maybe some barded heavy cavalry... Admittedly, I'm as yet a little unfocused.

More importantly, I used to play WAB 1.5/2, and yes, I know our dear editor of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy would happily still declare his love for that system, it might be time to look for something newer. Any tips? What do you consider the pros and cons of the likes of Swordpoint, Hail Caesar or To the Strongest, to name but a few?

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