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Last month, readers sent me suggestions for themes for volume X of Ancient Warfare. As you may recall, the theme for the first theme has already been determined: the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC), the epic struggle between Athens and Sparta. I’ve been asked if the issue will focus on a particular aspect or period of the Peloponnesian War (e.g. the Archidamian War), but I will only be able to decide after the deadline for sending proposals has passed.

As has been standard for a while now, each volume of Ancient Warfare is structured more or less the same. There are two Roman issues (one on the Republic, the other on the Empire), two Greek issues (one pre-Alexander, the other post-Alexander), one issue dealing with a non-Greco-Roman civilization, and finally an issue dealing with a more general theme, such as logistics or cavalry. With the Peloponnesian War, we’ve already got the pre-Alexander Greek issue covered. Below are the options for the other themes, but you can also skip to the poll immediately.

For the Roman Republican issue, the options are:

  • The Third Punic War
  • The Mithridatic Wars (88–63 BC)
  • Crossing the Rubicon: Caesar’s Civil War
  • The army of Augustus

For the Roman Imperial issue, you can pick from these themes:

  • The conquest of Britain
  • The Year of the Four Emperors, AD 69
  • The wars of Constantine the Great
  • The civil wars of Theodosius

As regards the post-Alexander Greek issue, I received these ideas:

  • Antigonus the One-eyed (382–301 BC)
  • Demetrius the Besieger (337–283 BC)
  • Ptolemaic Egypt
  • Fleets of the Hellenistic Age

For the non-Greco-Roman issue, you can pick from these options:

  • The Neo-Babylonian Empire (626–539 BC)
  • Etruscan warfare
  • The Persians (Achaemenid Empire)
  • The Trojan War

And finally, for the general theme you can choose from these topics:

  • On the borders: wars at the edge of empires
  • Archery in the ancient world
  • Bandits in the ancient world
  • The oldest weapon: the club or mace

You can vote on the themes by heading over to this Surveymonkey page. You can vote until 15 July, after which the poll will be closed and I will publish the results on this very blog. I think we’ll get a very nice mix regardless of which topics get picked in particular. Thanks!

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