GWS 2022: Prizes!

Yesterday, Guy and his lovely assistant put on their best clothes and went to a notary to draw 27 email addresses out of a list of 9479 de-doubled submissions from this year's survey. He is emailing all the winners now, but just in case, here's the list as well. If you recognise your email address, and you haven't heard from Guy in the next 24hrs, get in touch!

  • jim.kobyle***@***
  • t***@***
  • jrz***@***
  • Karow***@***
  • duke7***@***
  • martymagnific***@***
  • digdog***@***
  • wadm***@***
  • cole***@***
  • tomdy***@***
  • bluskr***@***
  • deanpos***@***
  • jasonedun***@***
  • simonmo***@***
  • calvin.coope***@***
  • bev.nola***@***
  • david.f.richa***@***
  • fr***@***
  • jdc_***@***
  • vguel***@***
  • bmhass***@***.net
  • allan.robin***@***
  • bwu_warbrin***@***
  • oddity.iron***@***
  • marinerg***@***
  • gary.cas***@***
  • steef***@***


Seems to be a mistake, I am not on the list :-)
Cannot wait to see the results

Richard Scott

Wow, thank you


Congratulations you lucky People!!

Don Mac Intyre

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