The Great Wargaming Survey 2015 - Results 2

My recent first report on this year’s survey was a quick look at some of the open questions, as well as some hobby preferences. To be honest, I just wrote about what I was curious about at the time. This time around, I prompose to look at the same aspects I looked at for last year’s first blog. It might be interesting to compare the two and of course we can now also check for those responders who stated they took part in both surveys. 

Regional distribution
  2015 2014 Took both
UK & Eire 35.2% 30.8% 38.5%
Continental Europe 20.2% 23.8% 17.9%
North America 34.1% 37.3% 32.4%
Australia & New Zealand 7.7% 8.1% 8.9%
Other (specified) 2.9% mimimal 2.4%

If there’s any conclusion here, is that we were more successful this year especially in reaching wargamers from the British isles and Ireland. In regards to the gender question (2014: 1% female, 4% ‘Don’t care’, rest male), we removed the rather ambiguous option ”Who cares? Anyone can play tabletop wargames!” and found nearly 1.8% responders who identified as female. If none were hiding in that 4% last year, we’ve found nearly twice as many female wargamers, but that may be a big ‘if’. We’ll see in 2016!

Age divisions
  2015 2014 Took both
Under 21 2.9% 1.3% 1.2%
21-30 20.4% 19.7% 12.5%
31-40 30% 26.6% 25.3%
41-50 25.6% 30.4% 32.2%
51-60 16.1% 17.1% 22.4%
Over 60 5%  5% 6.4%

Note that in 2014 the two youngest groups were ‘Under 18’ and ‘18-30’, but it made more sense to have equal middle groups. From the above it looks very much as if we managed to reach a younger group of responders, and that those who responded to both surveys are on average older. I wonder if we’ll see differences in theme/period/setting preferences and if those can be related to age groups…

How long have you been a wargamer?
  2015 2014 Took both
Less than 5 years 10.6% 8.6% 5%
5-10 years 12.9% 11.5% 8.5%
10-20 years 26.1% 24.8% 21.8%
20-30 years 23.9% 39.9% 26.7%
More than 30 years 26.5% 15.2% 38%

Again, in the interest of clarity, ‘Don Featherstone taught my how to roll dice’ was replaced with ‘More than 30 years’. It’s probably no surprise that with a younger group of respondents, they’ve not been in this hobby as long. What is perhaps remarkable is that nearly 2/3rds of those respondents who took part in both this and last year’s survey have wargamed for at least 20 years. Impressive!

There’s much more data to crunch, which is what we’ll be doing very soon! More to follow!

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