The Great Wargaming Survey - Winners!

If you took part in this year’s Great Wargaming Survey, you’ll have noticed the list of prizes at the end that we promised to raffle out amongst those of you who left their email addresses. I can tell you that 6912 respondees did so and with 12 prizes, there was a .17% chance of winning something. Not great perhaps, but considerably better than the lottery!

So I asked a random number generator (this one if you’re curious) to spit out 12 numbers between 1 and 6912. Below is the list of winners. I’ll be contacting everyone today, but this is an obvious target for anti-spam measures, so feel free to check if your email address corresponds with a pattern below (three stars = three characters) and contact me at j.oorthuys *AT* Congrats if you won, sorry if you didn’t, but I still really appreciate your taking the time to fill out the survey! And obviously, I’d like to express our gratitude to our sponsors for making the prizes listed below available!

  • a***j*** A Warlord starter set of your choice for Hail Caesar, Black Powder or Bolt Action
  • b***e*** A Warlord starter set for Gates of Antares
  • C***r*** A Victrix boxed set of the winner’s choice
  • d***c*** A Valiant Miniatures set of 3 x 20mm plastic buildings
  • j***a*** A Plastic Soldier Company The Great War boxed set 
  • d***ole.*** A Gripping Beast box of Light Arab Horse and a box of Heavy Arab Horse
  • k***v*** A copy of Frostgrave and a copy of Age of Sail, both from Osprey Publishing
  • j*** One copy each of The Roman Wars in Spain; Images of War: the Fall of Malaysia and Singapore; Battlefields in Miniatures, all from Pen & Sword
  • L***p*** The 4Ground Parish Church

A finally three two-year subscriptions of to either Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare or Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy for:

  • c***
  • k***i***
  • C***s.s***le***

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