Take a look through Medieval Warfare IX:5

Our latest issue is now on its way to our subscribers all over the world and will soon be available in book shops. I wanted to give you a little preview of what you will find inside.

Our theme was Cyprus and the role the island played during the crusades. Nicholas Coureas, who is one of the leading experts on medieval Cyprus, gives us an overview of what was happening on the island from the eleventh to sixteenth centuries, as it went from a staging ground for crusaders to being on the frontline of various conflicts. Western Europeans would become more and more involved in ruling the island, which would lead to clashes such as the Battle of Agridi, fought in the year 1232. Helena Schrader tells us the story of this battle.

Stephen Morillo is in our pages for the first time. He is well-known for his work on world history, as well as warfare in the Anglo-Norman era. In our issue he is writing about a battle between the kings of England and France that took place 800 years ago.

Sidney Dean takes us to the turn of the fifteenth century when pirates were a serious problem in northern Europe. Kyle Lincoln tells us about the reign of Alfonso IX of León and why he wasn’t a very successful military leader. Adam Ali has a piece on a siege that takes place in Azerbaijan in the ninth century.

You can read our columnists too - Randall Moffett writes about fourteenth century Scottish knights, Ruth R. Brown and Kay Smith on the claymore, and Murray Dahm finishes the issue with a look on the portrayal of Christopher Columbus in film.

If you are interested in buying the issue, you can get the print version by clicking here, while those who want a digital copy can find them here.

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