1940 Campaign French: Part 11 The Final Pieces of the Puzzle

Well, in case you've not already listened to the latest WSS Podcast, last weekend saw the exciting start of our France 1940 Campaign's gaming, but in the mad, mad rush to get units finished for the table, I forgot to post some of the last finished models.

Here, I present them for your perusal, before we start the reportage from the gaming front lines. Please excuse the unposed pics - I imagine many of you will know how it is with that last-minute scramble to get models tabletop-ready, so I hope you'll indulge your humble author in this. 

Please find a loose collection here of the following:

A 75mm howitzer - from Warlord Games in metal. The other crew are spare 3D resin prints:

A 155mm heavy howitzer, with crew and Laffly gun tractor - all from the same Eskice STL pack.

Here's the Laffly!

A set of 25mm AA guns also from Eskice.

Also finished - but too late even for rushed desk photos - were six bikes, Renault UE Chenillette, Two Panhard 178 armoured cars and a couple of sidecar combinations for my Dragons Chasseurs…

More soon,

Chris K.

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