1940 Campaign French - Part 8: Painting Challenge Home Straight

Yesterday, with an enormous sigh of cyber-relief, I submitted the last of my efforts for the 12th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. This final entry netted me 315 points (including a bonus), and so - with a grand total of 760 points - it enabled me to exceed my stated target of 650. Whoop! Here's the overview (I'll keep the blurb brief): Senegalese Tirailleurs: These are Warlord's metal set of ten figures, with two additional plastics from Wargames Atlantic, their fezzes re-sculpted to match. They've all got covers rolled-up over their headgear, leaving only the red tops visible.  Fire Support Teams: Again, these are from Warlord's excellent 'Support Group' box (as are the observer and the standing medic, below) - a medium mortar and a Hotchkiss MMG. Assorted Specialist Troops: Here you'll find a sniper team, an AT rifle team, and various miscellaneous loaders, spotters etc. to parcel out amongst them (these are all Warlord metals)...: ...also a medic dragging a casualty (this one's a 3D print from Eskice), plus an observer/radio op and medic from Warlord: Three Motorcycle/Sidecar Combinations: The middle one is a 3D print (from Eskice; the same as the medic, above) and the two flanking it are the beautiful sculpts from Crusader Miniatures. AMC 35: This one is a resin print of a cheap and cheerful [read 'free and pretty ropey'] STL file; origin unknown. It works well from a distance, but the details close up (like the prow-mounted tools) are very blobby, and the track assemblies are designed - designed! - to go on backwards. And I absolutely did not have to take them off and swap them over once they were already painted. Nope. Not me. Nosiree.   Two Laffly S35T Heavy Artillery Tractors: These are great models from Mad Bob Miniatures, although I've added a plasticard French towing sign to the top of the cab: Fordson Trucks: And finally, two more requisitioned civvie lorries - to accompany my colourful other one.  As before, they're both repainted Lledo Fordson trucks: And that's it for this year's Painting Challenge, but would you belive it? - I've somehow yet more French toys to get painted. Time to put the kettle on, methinks...

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