1940 Campaign French - Part 9: The Heavies

Hello, Readers, Even as I type this, there are twenty-five more French infantry (lorried infantry, as it happens) gazing balefully at me from the painting desk, but last week I was delighted to finish my two French Char B1 bis tanks: These Warlord Games models were a very thoughtful birthday gift from my incorrigable friend Stewart, and their existence in grey, unbuilt plastic was the very reason that I jumped at the chance to collect French when this whole project kicked-off. Thanks, Stew! Today I shall let the pics do the talking, but - having practised on some of my other French vehicles - I must say that to my surprise and delight, I ended up thoroughly enjoying the challenge of painting the camouflage on these! 'AJAX': Clearly the more fun to paint, 'Ajax' is, I believe, a feasible amalgamation of a number of online reference images (some slightly pre-war) and the decals that come with the Warlord kit. 'EURE': To my frustration, I had already committed to the application of decals to 'Eure' when I finally found picture of the tank's upper surface with which I was happy, and at that point I realised I ought really to have had a swatch of brown on the top too. C'est la vie. So it goes. The exploits of 'Eure' in real life were quite significant, so I hope that not too many rivet-counters challenge my inaccuracy, but I for one am happy with the final piece.   Right. That painting desk is calling me... TTFN.

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