30 minutes or less

I was recently sent some of the Warbases MDF vehicles. MDF vehicles? Yes really!

Basic kit.

Each kit comes as a ‘flat pack’. Instructions are downloaded from the Warbases website as a PDF. While I think I’d have preferred the instructions in the pack, most technology (from phones and tablets to computers) can access PDF files, it was not a big problem.


I’d heard that these kits could be easily constructed. So I decided to time the construction, taking the odd pause to take photographs. Could I construct one in 30 minutes or less? Let’s see…

Frame starts coming together.

Throughout the contruction, I did wipe off the excess glue, so the finished model does not have glue blobs all over it! (I want a nice-looking model in the least time, not a quick-build mess 🙂 )

Back of the cab takes shape.The parts mostly fit together well. There was the odd occasion when they didn’t, but simply shaving off a tiny bit of MDF fixed those problems.

Engine housing constructed.

I can’t say construction needed any particular modelling skills. However, being familiar with how similar kits certainly helped speed the construction of this kit along.

Engine cover added.Overall the experience was a fun one, I had some music playing in the background, while I follwed the clear step by step instructions.

Wheels added! Now its really looking the part...

Very soon I had the finished article in front of me.

Finished kit.

And what about the time taken? 28 minutes! It would have been less without taking pictures (I took a lot more than the ones shown here).

Stopwatch countdown.

As to the finished kit? Very nice, I’m sure the more detailed modeller could add additional detail, such as a starting handle and other features. A little modelling putty could hide the joins. Even so, given the cost and relative ease of construction, the Warbases kit is very nice.

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