A change is as good as a rest

There are several good games clubs within an hour's driving distance of my home. There are at least four in the Torbay area alone. I usually frequent two, but recently I was told about one almost on my doorstep, the Torquay Tabletop Gamers (TTG).

The British relentlessly advance.

The TTG runs every Friday evening between 5pm and 10pm at the Acorn Centre in Torquay. The club's been running for a few years and given it's about a 10-minute drive from me, it's a surprise that I've never gone. They mainly play 40K (although there was a 40k campaign being played) but there are plenty of other games played including Bolt Action.

40k Campaign in full swing.

I was there to play Chris, a delightful chap who I'm glad to say had all the qualities I admire in a wargamer. He proved to be a fair and fun opponent to play. Chris even had a historical list based on real WW2 British army units, music to my ears!

This Cromwell being sneaky didn't save it from Herr Stug.

Chris does a blog under the name of Admiral Drax. He's done an excellent battle report on our game, which can be found here:

Admiral Drax

Where did that Staghound come from? Aieee!

I've been back to the Acorn Centre for a few more games. I took Beyond the Gates of Antares last time and gamers were interested in trying other games. I'll be taking Black Powder in the near future.




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