A house of card and photos

A week or so ago someone on the interwebs (sorry, can’t remember where!) posted about the card buildings made by Ebay user Wikkywok. He builds simple 20 and 28mm houses from card or foamboard and then covers them, almost as ‘wallpaper’, in nicely matt-printed and scaled photographs. The windows and doors are recessed, but anything else is just ‘trickery’ as a result from the photograph. On the spur of the moment, I put in a bid for one of the buildings and, having pretty much forgotten about it, won. 🙂

Wikkywok ships fast too, and it arrived here in NL today. I have to say, I was not expecting very much, but it’s actually quite effective. He finished the building with some tufts of grass around the base, and it’s really completely ready to go on the table. Fits scale-wise with everything else as well. In fact, I may have to consider some more…

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