A lack of poses? No problem!

The latest plastic releases from Warlord Games have been criticised by some online for having a lack of poses. This struck me at first as an odd thing to say, but I believe you should always look into the truth behind criticism and see if anything can be learned. So if true, what can we do about it?

The sprues offer plenty of possibilities with eighteen different heads and seven primary weapon sets (rifle, SMG) with three support weapons (MG, light mortar and AT rifle). Granted, there may have been more primary weapons on previous plastic kits, so why not use these sets too to widen the number of poses you have?

Afrika Korps with Blitzkrieg Bayoneted rifle and MG.

The Blitzkrieg Germans are the easiest boxed set for conversion, although I'm sure other boxes will have some useful components (remember, no Panzerfausts in the desert!).

Blitzkrieg rifles on Afrika Korps bodies.

In comparison, the Blitzkrieg plastics are a fraction smaller than the new Afrika Korps, which causes some minor issues with fitting, but nothing you can't overcome.

Commander and sniper conversion.

Of course, the process is two way. Most of the Afrika Korps weapons and arms can be retrofitted to the Blitzkrieg models. The arms are a little bigger but for the most part, this isn't noticeable.

50mm Mortar for Blitzkrieg.

Both the 50mm mortar and AT Rifle can be adapted to fit the Blitzkrieg plastics, so those spare weapons on your sprues can find a good home.

AT rifle for Blitzkrieg Germans.

Some of the rifle poses are different between the sets, so can give you some unique miniatures. I also swapped the personal equipment between the sets. Again the AK sets were a fraction bigger.

More AK arms with BK bodies.

Despite the slightly larger bodies and arms, on the whole, the compatibility between these two sets is excellent. In my next blog, I'll show off some painted examples.


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