Converts for the French Resistance

Wargames Atlantic have recently released their first set World War 2 set, French Resistance fighters. This excellent set has five submachine guns, three pistols, an LMG and two rifles... Wha... only two? Right, let's fix that... The good thing is the Atlantic plastics are mostly compatible with the Warlord range. Time to rummage in my bits box!  The arms are spares from the Panzergrenadier and Blitzkrieg sets. The Blitzkrieg set also has a sniper rifle, so I needed to add one of those in for the Partizans. Now, how about some support weapons? Oui, mon capitain! As late war Partizans can have the odd captured panzerfaust, it'd be rude not to include one from the Panzergrenadier set. Also, note the hip firing MG34 from the Blitzkrieg set. The only issue with the pistols was a lack of left arm poses, so I had to improvise a few. Again, the bits box came in handy to provide some spare left hands. I can't have every pistoleer pointing! Ok, I am going to have to end up with several guys directing traffic! At least all the poses look different. I've used arms here from the Atlantic WW1 German sprues - the rifles from that set are compatible too. When Atlantic release their Great War French, I will be using the arms from there too. Mixing plastic sets is fun and can make some really unique models for your armies.

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