It is always good to have a goal to work towards in wargaming - something to give you direction. Otherwise without it, you can end up doing lots of little projects which don’t add up to much or worse - procrastinating and doing NOTHING…

Warlord Prussians

Our large Ligny battle is over. This major project was a very good excuse to concentrate on getting dozens of Prussians and French units painted. I’m now the proud owner of two reasonable Napoleonic armies. Naturally I bought too much so I have plenty to increase them into sizeable Napoleonic armies. Warlord have come out with some tasty new Prussian command and Jagers… And I do fancy expaning into the Retreat from Moscow (at the skirmish level - a little more manageable than 2000 troops a side..)… Hmm possibly Austrians for Leipzig 1813, but for now I think I am Napoleon’d out and need a break. So what should I try next?


Ancients or Medievals would be a good change of pace. I’m bereft of any Ancients opponents locally however (at least in 28mm), so Medievals are more likely. I’ve given  Cross and Crescent and Lion Rampant a few games and enjoyed them both. Most of my armies are western (Christian Spanish and Hundred years war), but I have no eastern armies. Perhaps now’s the time for some Arabs, or some Mongols are in order? Fireforge’s new Mongol heavy cavalry set is out too…

Frostgrave plastic conversions

I also have a ‘dark side’, at least from a strictly historical perspective. I do like the odd Fantasy game including the odd session of D&D. Frostgrave is definitely going to see some action soon with my converted models. I do love the North Star plastics, but I will have to get some of their metal monsters and wizards myself. That’s the only downside of being a reviewer, you end up with little bits of everything but never enough to play even a small game with (oh boohoo! Ed)…

Future villains and freedon fighters

Then there’s my even darker side… Science Fiction. I’m a fan of the cult TV series Blake’s 7 and Crooked Dice do some very nice ‘Future Freedom Fighter’ models. I’d also like to return to World War Two, the Desert War particularly. So will I get round to doing some of these exciting projects? In the words of Avon, “Probably…”

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