Fireforge Medieval Russians

I received a package today containing the new Medieval Russians from Fireforge Games. They look so good I had to share them. I received two sprues for review, together with some spears.

Fireforge Medieval Russian sprue

What do you get on the sprue? There are five bodies in various forms of mail and lamellar with 11 different heads. The models can be equipped with spear, sword, mace or two-handed axe (two per sprue, can alternatively be spear-armed). Alternatively, there are two bow arms on the sprue allowing armoured archers to be made up. The spears are the excellent 40mm miniature weapons Fireforge produces.

Swordsman and two handed axe.

You will get five full sprues in the box (making a total of 25 miniatures) which will retail at 27 Euros (probably £20). The conversion possibilities are pretty extensive - the heads are compatible with the previous Fireforge ranges as well as with the Gripping Beast plastic range. Change a shield, and these could serve as armoured Saracens. Mix them up some more (the Perry HYW French come to mind), and you’ll have a host of possibilities for other medieval projects.  

Spearmen and armoured archer.

A command pack is available separately, made of the ‘firecast’ plastic resin, and militia and cavalry too. 

Fireforge Russian command.

The history of the Russian Medieval states is very rich. They fought numerous enemies, including each other, the fearsome Mongols, and other Christian kingdoms, such as Poland and Hungary. We’ll have to have more Russian Medieval articles in WS&S and I’ll definitely need to buy some more of these! I have some Mongols already, so these make the ideal opposition for them. 

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