From boats to hoplites

I'm taking a break from painting ships and boats for Cruel Seas, at least for the time being. Now we are painting up Greeks to try out the Mortal Gods rules by Footsore Games.

This interesting set of rules, loosely based on the mechanisms of the Samurai skirmish game Test of Honour, pits rival Greek factions against each other in the Peloponnesian Wars. Given our current issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy's theme is on that very subject, the game is well timed.

This is SPARTA!

Sadly, the game was released at Salute 2019, so we weren't able to write a review in time for WS&S 102. Nevertheless, we plan to do a Let's Play Mortal Gods in our next scheduled issue, WS&S 103. To assist me in my noble quest, I have recruited local gamers Chris K (Aka Admiral Drax), Dave D and Rossco W.

Chris has already made a start on his Thebans and is blogging his experiences as he paints and plays the game. Our first big game is scheduled for this Friday. Exciting stuff!

Mortal Gods Athenians. Sadly not my models!

In the meantime, I'd best actually read the rules and work out how it plays. I've already played a test game, so I have a good idea what to do and hopefully, I should have another game under my belt this evening, leaving me prepared and ready for Friday. With luck, I might even get some figures painted.



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