Frostgrave Cultists

In my last blog I discussed my plans to run a ‘Thaw of the Lich Lord’ campaign at my local club The Brixham Berzerkers. We’ve just finished our Desert War themed issue (WS&S 82), and therefore I have a little time to think about new projects. The mailman recently delivered the new Cultists for Frostgrave, so I thought I’d share some pictures of my conversions attempts as I mess around with them. These will certainly be painted and put to good use in the campaign.

Frostgrave Cultists

A full review of the Cutists will be in the next issue. For now it’s enough to say that they are pretty swish! The models are compatible with the Frostgrave Soldiers - no surprise I’m sure - which leaves loads of room for conversions and the like. There are plenty of heads per frame (fourteen in total), so you can decide to have hooded, masked or capirote hood (no-one expects the Spanish inquisition!) cultists. Choices, choices… There is also an ‘undead’ option on the frame, allowing you to make up some of the cultists (or your Soldiers) as zombies and the like… Cool! I know I have a spare Mantic undead frames somewhere; I’ll have to try converting some of those too.  

Converted Frostgrave Soldiers. 

Regular followers of my blog may recall I recently did some conversions of the Frostgrave Soldiers. I can’t help myself when it comes to plastics… I just get ideas in my head and have to play… The ones above consist of Frostgrave bodies and arms with heads from Gripping Beast and Perry miniatures. Adding parts from different sources all helps make each model that little bit different. 

Cultist conversions

Naturally I had to have a play with the cultists as well. Above are three conversions using parts from different sets. The leftmost is a conversion using Frostgrave arms on a body from the Conquest Games plastic archer set. I wanted a leader henchman and I feel the armour points him out as important. The middle is a Cultist with a Gripping Beast Arab head. He would make a nice assassin. The final one is simply a cultist added to a Frostgrave Soldier’s body.

Capirote hood cultists

The final set uses the GB plastic Arab bodies with the arms and capirote heads from the cultist set. I may have to reposition the head of the crossbowman as it’s not really at the correct angle. The other two look properly menacing. This will also mean I’m making good use of the spare heads in the set, making two (rival) sects of cultists. Yes, the People’s Front of Frigia are naturally arch-enemies of the Frigian People’s Front… I’ll post up some pictures of the finished cultists in a future blog. In the mean time, I’ll be having fun with more plastic conversions!

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