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This April 12th our friends at WWPD organize the second edition of WWPD4Vets - a charity gaming event to gather money for veterans with money raised going to selected charities in the US, UK and New Zealand.

Just this worthy cause would be reason enough to support this initiative organized by the guys in the US, but the entire WSS team will be in the UK on that day as well, of course, as it coincides with Salute! So we wanted to give a bit more exposure and moral support to Mike Wood, the man behind the UK team, who is gathering money for Help for Heroes. Mike will be attending Salute, tweeting about this mega-event (look for #WWPD4Vets updates on Twitter from @WWPDPodcast). Click here to donate to Mike’s charity page for H4H. To make donating to charity even more attractive, Mike is making several prizes available! From his blog:

As an extra incentive I am offering the following to all UK-based contributors…. (and remember to use Gift Aid in the UK to give the tax to H4H!!) Just donate as much as you can give to the charity donations page for H4H and use the comments box to add you WWPD Forum name and a preference of one of the following items. remember the page for donations to count is:

So just donate and add (for example) the support message/comment “ambler Saga” if your WWPD forum name is ‘ambler’ and you would prefer the Saga prize. I can’t guarantee that you will get exactly what you want but it helps.

Who wins these great prizes? For the first three people to donate the highest amounts of 50 UK pounds or above and leave their WWPD forum contact details (not your address, email or phone please! If you are not a WWPD forum user please email me at gamer2 (at) dalesys. co. uk) I am offering the following:

  • A Flames of War “Open Fire” Starter Set. Just say “Flames” after your name if you have that preference.
  • A Dropzone Commander Starter set. Just say “Dropzone” in the comments with your forum name.
  • A Saga 6 point (yes SIX not 4!!!) Gripping Beast starter metal set. Just say “Saga” after your forum name. The chosen army is the Irish Warband.

And to the highest runner-up after the above and donating at least 30 pounds, a T-shirt of my choosing (gamey but not offensive).  Again in all cases leave your forum id and I will PM you get your size details. They go up to UK 2X (2x fits me great and i am a barrel chested 48 !!)

So there you have it. I have got together some neat prize support to say thanks for your generous giving. So please dig deep and donate to Help for Heroes!

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