More Fallschirmjäger

Over the last few weeks Jasper’s Fallschirmjäger have received support, in the form of a light 5cm mortar, an observer team, a LIg18 7.5cm gun and, most recently, a 2cm Flak38. The crews of the latter two guns have been painted as Luftwaffe or Luftwaffe Field Division figures (except for the NCO commanding the Flak gun - I couldn’t be bothered to surgically remove and replace his head). For those curious about the small, square cutouts on the gun bases, those are meant to hold a small dice. I enjoy building small gun bases, but I don’t feel the need to have a crew of five figures and an NCO as Chain of Command prescribes. I realize that I could just paint a small quantity of crew figures, base gun and crew separately and be much more flexible, but I like this better. The dice can then be used to track crew casualties when required.

Finally, the Flak38 was the subject of our two most recent painting videos: the gun and the crew.

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