No Salute for WSS

Salute is very early in April this year. That's probably fun in some way, but it's a very bad match for the WSS publication schedule. The Karwansaray team is tiny and having WSS ready three weeks earlier than normal was not an option. Add the Brexit uncertainty at the time the Warlords needed commitment last september, and it made no sense to have a stand. We love to see and chat to our readers at shows, but it has to make financial sense.

That said, you will still be able to meet Guy, Jasper, and Mark, but you'll just have to manage to run into them. They'll be running loose and without sensible company!

And there's an advantage for everyone, whether you're at Salute or not, from today till April 10th, we're offering Basic and Plus subscriptions and renewals at show rates, ànd there's a 33% off sale on back issues (discount codes still apply). Enjoy, and maybe see you in London?

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